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A new business model of providing golf simulators for play by experienced golfers and beginners - usually when it is dark, rainy, cold or too windy is now a reality.  Some customers would even pay to use simulators when the weather outside is sunny and nice. 

Golf simulators are computerized devises that project images of golf holes on a screen at the end of netted “cages.”  Golfers then hit golf balls off a mat at the screen.  The computer analyzes each shot and projects an image of the flight of their tee shot, then changes the image of the hole as a result of that shot.  Competitive “rounds” can be played and scores obtained by golfers “playing” courses in this way.

Fees are charged and revenue generated by customers using the simulators.  Golfers practicing, professional instruction, swing analysis, club fitting, measuring the performance of shots and special contests could be other sources of income for operators.   

The following is a list of golf simulator companies I found on the Web.  This may not be a complete list of all these firms, nor is it a recommendation or endorsement of any company or their equipment.

Along with the building and support facilities for an indoor golf simulator operation, ideally there could be a large adjacent field.  Over time, their field would be prepared and grassed as for a lawn or fairway.  This would allow for an eventual outdoor amenity, in good and not too severe weather, for customers of the golf simulator business and other customers.

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